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Funding you could be eligible for:
$3,000 or more.

If you have at least one Jewish grandparent and are between 18 and 31 years old, you could be eligible for $3,000 of funding (or more) for five months. Funding can vary with your age, and the length and type of your program—but don’t worry, our staff is here to help you navigate funding options and any questions.

Explore our featured High-Tech/Start-Ups internships

Featured internships are the newest opportunities that our program providers have for you. But these latest offerings won't last long—apply today to one of these featured High-Tech/Start-Ups internships!

Marketing and Design Internship, Side-kick - Provided by WUJS Israel  

If you are looking for a hands-on development experience in the gaming industry then this 4 month internship is for you. At Sick-kick you will have the opportunity to gain experience in several aspects of the development process, including; game testing, design, and marketing.

Side-kick is a start-up company that specializes in motion controlled games. Side-Kick offers complete games, working prototypes as well as production and development services for various platforms and needs

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Marketing Specialist, Any.do - Provided by Multiple Providers  

As an intern for Any.do you will be responsible for defining and executing cutting-edge marketing strategies for their products. You will have the opportunity to coordinate marketing and launch strategies across several countries, departments and functions. This position provides a wide range of marketing experiences including product marketing, research, thought leadership, PR and events planning.

Any.do is a mobile phone application designed to help users organize their schedule and make to do lists. It is a quickly growing start up that has many investors including Google.

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Media and Marketing Assistant, Jinni - Provided by Israel Way – Oranim  

As an intern for Jinni you will gain real experience in an innovative, successful start-up company that is changing the way the world watches television and movies. As an intern you will receive one-on-one training, and make meaningful contributions to the company in a variety of areas, including: social media marketing; public relations; blog editing, publishing, and promotion; as well as helping to design and launch movie and TV website’s.

Jinni is a search engine for movies and Television shows. Its goal is to give more complex descriptions of movies and products in order to target an individual’s unique taste. The search engine can be partnered with one’s Netflix account to make individual recommendations.

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Online Marketing Coordinator, 365Scores - Provided by Career Israel  

365scores is looking for someone with good research abilities and a deep understanding for social media. The intern will work with the company’s CMO & CEO on marketing for the company’s products. Additionally the intern will plan and implement marketing strategies, increase social media integration, prepare and plan social media activities, and develop brand awareness for the company.

365 scores is a dynamic start-up company that develops products to provide users with personalized sports information, such as scores, news, and videos in real time.

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Marketing and Research Internship, All my Faves Internet Gateway - Provided by Career Israel  

The Marketing & Research Internship is suitable for fast learners who are fluent in web navigation, social networks and sieving through search results. The intern will be responsible for communicating with external entities, identifying new and appealing sites and adding these to the site’s content, Blog/Facebook post writing, creating new content for the site, and updating existing pages.

This is a unique and innovative internet gateway that offers a visual web navigation and discovery portal. Its underlining concept is providing users with an easy, effective and intuitive service for accessing the top websites in each listed category.

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Business Analyst, Hewlett Packard - Provided by Career Israel  

Hewlett Packard is looking to hire an intern with experience in business analysis methodologies and ERP. While working at Hewlett Packard you will gain experience documenting business processes and proposals, writing semantic web use cases, and defining modes of operation.

Hewlett-Packard Israel was founded in 1998 and is based in Ra’anana, Israel. The company offers hardware products, technologies, and services to consumers, businesses, and the government sector.

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Or build your own customized internships

If you don't see your perfect internship in our featured offerings, we'll make it for you. We can build a customized internship based on your interests. Browse through examples of past High-Tech/Start-Ups internships we've customized, then start building your own!

Multiple Postions, University of the People

1) PR Research Assistant: Research journalists and editors, help build a database of industry contacts.

2) Copywriter : Manage Press Releases, Blogs, and Fundraising emails.

3) Marketing Analysis: analyze database to track success of new and existing initiatives/campaigns. 

University of the People is the worlds first tuition-free, online academic institution dedicated to the global advancement of higher education. UoPeople is a nonprofit venture who has worked in international education for over 20 years. Providing universal access to collegiate-level studies, despite geographic and financial constraints, UoPeople promotes world peace via the democratization of higher education.

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Journalism Internship, The Times Of Israel

The Intern will help manage the communication between bloggers and editorial writers; review content; publish op-eds and posts; help maintain high and consistent visual and layout quality; conduct photo research and more.

The Times of Israel is a growing news site that is quickly on the way to becoming the preeminent news, analysis, opinion and blogging source for the Jewish world. The TOI site engages its readership with a winning combination of first-rate journalistic content and innovative Web design integrated across social media platforms.

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Digital Media Internship, Kahena

Kahena is looking for people with a background in marketing. The Intern will be given be exposed to what goes into building a marketing strategy by participating in company discussions, meetings, ideas sessions and more. The intern will receive full training in SEO related tasks, involvement in Kahena’s social media campaigns and the opportunity to develop a personal marketing ‘portfolio.

Kahena- Digital Media is a young, innovative, full-service digital marketing agency. Kahena specializes in SEO, paid search marketing, web analytics, reputation management and social media. Located in the JVP Media Quarter, the hub of the Jerusalem hi-tech startup scene, Kahena prides itself as being an integral part of Jerusalem’s web community, and also has close partnerships with companies in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Washing D.C., and Los Angeles. 


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Software Developer, Autodesk Israel

While working for Autodesk Israel you will have the opportunity to lead one of our R&D projects! From the overall design to the actual development, you will gain experience in all stages with our professional team by your side to guide you throughout the process.

Autodesk Israel is one of the main R&D centers for mobile applications. Autodesk Israel develops mobile applications for architects, engineers, interior designers and more.

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Social Media Assistant, Adotomi Advertising Agency

The position entails a plethora of different responsibilities:  -Blogging industry and company breakthroughs. -Reading and reporting social media updates. -Running the company Twitter account. -Learning and formulating marketing strategies. -Conducting daily market research to understand emerging trends. -Media Buying: writing copy, designing pictures, and optimizing ads.

Adotomi offers fully-managed advertising solutions on Facebook. The agency acquires the highest quality users, players and fans for some of the biggest names in the industry. Having worked with a diverse range of clients such as Nissan, SodaStream, EA, Ice Age, and OMD, the organization prides itself on building long-lasting relationships rooted in ROI positive campaigns.

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Sports Marketing and Business Development Internship, FTBpro

As an intern at FTBpro you will be a part of a fun and passionate international team of people. You can either work on our marketing and social media platforms in your native language, work in business development, graphic design, PR, Q&A, and community management with your favorite football teams. All languages are needed, sports fans encouraged.

FTBpro is the largest fan generated media platform in global football, engaging millions of users across destination sites, mobile apps and social networks. We currently manage the fans in our communities across seven leagues. Our goal is to unite fans worldwide in the largest online football community where fans are given the ability to engage in discussions, read interactive news, write articles, and earn achievements and recognition.


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Marketing and Research Internship, AllMyFaves

The Marketing & Research Internship is an exciting way for eager learners to discover and master the hidden marvels of the Web. Although we’re very serious about our website and its various projects, we maintain an easy-going and playful atmosphere at the office to make sure everyone is enjoying their work. Whiling interning with AllMyFav’s you will be focusing on Company’s communication with external entities like Facebook and different forms of blogging. You will also be responsible for creating new content pages for the webpage and applying innovative tools for analyzing the sites’ content quality and traffic.

All My Faves is a unique and innovative Internet gateway, offering a logo based Web navigation and discovery portal. Its underlining concept is providing users with an easy, effective and intuitive service for accessing the top websites. The logo listing makes All My Faves ideal for current and future touch screen technology and mobile devices.

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Marketing and Business Development Coordinator, Rounds

 As a Marketing and Business Development Coordinator you will conceive and instigate marketing campaigns, write marketing material, coordinate social media marketing efforts throughout numerous social networking channels, maintain company profiles and corresponding personalities, partake in business development activities, while also assisting with ongoing retention and marketing projects.

Rounds is an innovative new web-based start-up company located in the heart of Tel Aviv. It is a live meeting point where users can interact together by playing games, watching videos, e-learning, co-facebooking, and in the future even shopping together and having a completely co-browsing experience together online.

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Multiple Internship, SimilarGroup

SimilarGroup offers several different internships based on your credentials and interests. These internships involve you in all aspects of the company, including financial, marketing, and communications, as well as the opportunity to work with an energetic team.

SimilarGroup is a start-up company that works to find and interpret online information in order to make the internet more user friendly. Their goal is for internet users to access information and experience the very best that the web has to offer.

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Social Media Marketing Internship

The founders of this site have developed simple but effective tools for changing your thinking habits and adopting thought processes that will improve your quality of life. It’s applications allow people to access more rewarding and more impactful life choices.

Marketing Intern will monitor various social media platforms, assist with guerilla marketing, execute social marketing activities through all channels to create brand awareness, attract new users, and help get coverage. Ideal intern would be creative, social, and enjoy persuasive writing.

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Social Media and Marketing Internship

This company was founded by a group of people who were inspired to create a tool that will simplify the way people do everyday things, this way they can have more time for fun!

Intern will be a Marketing Specialist, working on social media initiatives. Intern’s responsibilities include: writing blogs, answering feedback e-mail, supporting projects dealing with the English language to make sure it is suitable for native English speakers, preparing press kits, working on the webpage, and helping re-design the application to be more user friendly.

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Graphic Design Internship

This company is a leader in Touch Free Interfaces for digital devices, led by a highly experienced team of Image Processing professionals with extensive experience in research, implementation, and optimization of real time algorithms for embedded platforms.

The intern will be a Graphic Designer to work on branding the company. The intern would be responsible for re-designing the logo, creating template brochures, as well as designing other images and materials.

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Marketing Internship

This company is seeking an intern to assist with a variety of marketing tasks: writing 3-4 articles week for their business blog; participating in marketing strategy meetings; rewriting interface and promos (such as the user manual and coupon and evaluating customer support interactions). Interns will be talking to American clients and investor over the phone and email, helping the company to

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Start-Up Business Development Internship

This international computer technology and software producing company is looking for an intern to be a buyer of technological products.

Intern’s main responsibilities include leading commercial and legal negotiations, contract development, supply management, and researching new business opportunities and partnerships.

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Social Network Start-Up Internship

The company is developing new social networks for university students from around the world. Interns will work in the areas of Market research and Market breach. Intern’s responsibilities include: compiling major research study about targeted markets becoming part of the launch team and visiting various universities to promote the initiative.

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Ophthalmology Research Internship

This Medical and Scientific Start-Up, currently making major strides in the field of ophthalmology, seeks an intern to be an assistant scientific researcher and developer. Intern’s responsibilities include working on experiments and writing summaries of findings.

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Hi-Tech Marketing Internship

This Hi-Tech company produces applications for the media and seeks an intern to be a Social Media Coordinator. Intern’s main responsibilities include marketing and selling the different applications through facebook, twitter and blogging.

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Hi-Tech Research Internship

This Hi-Tech Business Incubator is looking for an intern to perform the duties of a Research and Innovation Coordinator. Interns will perform market research for start-up companies, evaluate new start up candidates, have a hand in networking activities, and perform marketing assistance.

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Web Development and Analysis Internship

This company has to do with online safety for children. The intern will receive online security experience as a web developer/child safety monitor, assisting in the development of the company website and analyzing online safety of a particular website which clients surf on.

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Online Sports Marketing Internship

This company is an online start-up that is looking for a social media marketing interns to help develop social media and marketing strategy in sports marketing.

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Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour

The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (MOITAL), empowered by the Law for the Encouragement of Industrial Research & Development (R&D Law 1984), oversees all Government sponsored support of R&D for Israeli industry. This support stimulates the development of innovative state-of-the-art technologies, enhances the competitive power of industry in the hi-tech global market, creates employment opportunities and assists in redressing Israel’s balance of payments. In addition to its domestic activities, the OCS is involved in a myriad of bi- and multi-national industrial R&D agreements.

Interns will: write economic briefs, prepare and execute particular projects (presentations, reports, speeches, essays, etc.), plan and design website pages, and initiate new ideas and research.

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Ministry of Justice – International Relations/Law Internship

As Israel’s data protection authority, the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA) regulates both the private and public sectors under the Protection of Privacy Law, the Credit Data Services Law and the Electronic Signature Law. ILITA also acts as consultant for all major IT governmental projects or legislation (for example biometric database) and represents Israel in several international forums such as the OECD, the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference, the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), etc.

The International Relations Associate will take part in the international activity of ILITA, including handling OECD committees and working group’s responsibilities (i.e. analysis of documents, preparation of statements or comments, etc.), maintaining ILITA’s visibility and participation in the GPEN and maintaining contact with international partners. In addition, the intern will develop content and manage ILITA’s English website, Facebook page and twitter feed.

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Venture Capital Internship

With $365 million under management, this company is the only secondary fund manager and fund of funds manager focused exclusively on Israel. The management team combined has over 60 years experience with Israeli companies in both the private and public equity markets as well as long-standing relationships with top-tier Israeli funds and foreign investors.

Interns will have responsibilities that include: equity research, financial modeling, and competitive analysis.

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Finance Internship

Interns have an opportunity to work at an international publicly traded hi-tech company that is involved in the development, manufacture and sales of advanced recording systems globally.

Intern will be helping the company with various financial activities, including preparation of management reports, quarterly closing activities, and inventory costing updates.

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Marketing Communications Internship

This publicly traded hi-tech company is the industry’s leading provider of products and technologies for unified visual communications over IP and 3G networks. The company offers the broadest and most complete set of standards-based video networking infrastructure and developer toolkits on the market today.

Intern will work with multiple teams to develop, implement and maintain marketing communications programs. Interns will provide initiative, creativity and content for marketing collateral including sales tools, product presentations, and other materials that maximize the impact of sales and marketing effort. Intern will also perform ongoing evaluation of management of the corporate website.

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Online Marketing Internship

This mobile start-up is the future of mobile search and has been backed by investors such as Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt. Extending the company’s expertise, they have hired Facebook’s mobile manager as an advisor.

Intern will be working as an Online Marketing Manager to define and execute marketing strategies and tactics for the company’s product including: development of compelling product positioning, management of feature launches and leading social media and online presence strategy. Interns will coordinate marketing and launch activities across several countries, departments and functions. This position provides a wide range of marketing experiences including product marketing, research, thought leadership, PR and event planning.

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