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Funding you could be eligible for:
$3,000 or more.

If you have at least one Jewish grandparent and are between 18 and 31 years old, you could be eligible for $3,000 of funding (or more) for five months. Funding can vary with your age, and the length and type of your program—but don’t worry, our staff is here to help you navigate funding options and any questions.

Explore our featured Law internships

Featured internships are the newest opportunities that our program providers have for you. But these latest offerings won't last long—apply today to one of these featured Law internships!

Research Internship and Legal Internship, Kan-Tor & Acco - Provided by Israel Way – Oranim  

The Research Intern you will be responsible for identifying regulations and policies affecting U.S. Immigration Law today using databases and web searches.  In addition you will research current laws and regulations on a per client basis.

The Legal Writing intern’s responsibilities will include researching and writing articles for publication, and preparing thorough, well-written research reports on a series of issues, including (but not limited to): relocation matter, international regulations, etc.

Kan-Tor & Acco is a global relocation law firm comprised of three inter-related practice areas: Israel-bound relocation, U.S.-bound relocation & global relocation. The firm strives to contribute added value to the practice of immigration law through publications on a wide variety of international regulations and relocation matters. The attorneys have authored books on relocation-related issues, published in English, German and Hebrew, as well as a series of Client Guides on specific visa types.

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Research Internship, The Kohelet Policy Forum - Provided by Career Israel  

As an intern you will take part in legal and/or economical comparative research that will be part of the Forum’s policy papers. You will be given the opportunity to attend meetings in the Knesset and expert conferences on major policy issues every few weeks.

The Kohelet Policy Forum was established by Professor Moshe Koppel, who now serves as the Forums Chairman, together with several leading Israeli academics, public intellectuals and activists. The Forum is a non-partisan entity. It relies on private donations and does not accept, directly or indirectly, public funds from any government, domestic or foreign. The Forums legislative research, policy papers, and other research based products are offered to Israeli decision makers free of charge. The Forum maintains an open door policy and is always on the lookout for likeminded people who are working to strengthen Israel through ideas and innovation.

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Legal Internship, The Ministry of Justice - Provided by Real Life Israel  

There are endless possibilities when interning with the Ministry of Justice. The position will be specially designed for the individual based on their skill-set and educational background.

The Ministry of Justice was established in 1948 and comprises approximately 50 units. The main functions of the ministry include: organization of the Courts system in Israel, preparing the text of the Knesset draft legislation, providing legal advice to the Government and Government Ministries, and enforcing of the Criminal Law through the State Prosecutor’s Department

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Law Assistant, The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) - Provided by Real Life Israel  

As an intern for JCPA you will gain hands on experience and learn about the interworkings of international law. You will conduct research, assist with administrative duties, write footnotes for international law research papers, and assists with arranging speakers for special events.

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is a leading independent research institute specializing in public diplomacy and foreign policy

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Research assistant to Executive Director, Itach-Women Lawyers for Social Justice - Provided by Israel Way – Oranim  

This a very independent and self-driven internship with the potential for great growth and personal reward. While interning at Itach you will be responsible for developing the company’s website by finding and uploading engaging content. Interns will need to research legislation and policies, both in Israel and globally, related to social change for woman’s rights.

Itach is a non-profit organization that aims to create social change by using the law to address the needs and rights of women from the social, economic and geographic periphery of Israel.

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Or build your own customized internships

If you don't see your perfect internship in our featured offerings, we'll make it for you. We can build a customized internship based on your interests. Browse through examples of past Law internships we've customized, then start building your own!

Law Research Internship

This non-profit organization aims to create social change by using the law to address the needs and rights of women from the social, economic and geographic periphery of Israel. Founded in the summer of 2001 by a group of leading feminist legal professionals in Israel, the non-profit aspires to increase access to the law, legal knowledge and tools among the population of disenfranchised women, specifically in the fields of employment rights, welfare benefits, public housing and violence against women.

Intern will be Research Assistant to Executive Director and be responsible for developing the company’s website by finding and uploading engaging content, working on various projects the organization is involved in such as law enforcement rights of call center employees, and researching legislation and policies, both in Israel and globally, related to social change for woman’s rights.

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Law Internship

This law firm is looking for a research assistant. Intern’s responsibilities include: assisting the lawyers and conducting research for one of the partners, who is also a Law Professor at Tel Aviv University.

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Ministry of Justice – International Law Internship

The Department of Special International Affairs has responsibility within the State Attorney’s Office for public international law and litigation, including matters involving international humanitarian law, and international criminal law. The department is involved with many of the current issues on the international agenda

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Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour

The Legal Advisor’s Office gives legal guidance to the various departments in the Ministry. Intern will serve as Assistant to the Legal Advisor in Charge of International Affairs. Intern’s main area of responsibility will be to perform comparative research related to the various projects and legal questions which arise concerning international trade agreements and other subjects in which the Ministry is involved such as labor rights, industry related environmental issues, and consumer protection. The projects also cover translation work and assisting in the writing of legal opinions in the area of international trade law.

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Ministry of Justice – International Relations/Law Internship

As Israel’s data protection authority, the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA) regulates both the private and public sectors under the Protection of Privacy Law, the Credit Data Services Law and the Electronic Signature Law. ILITA also acts as consultant for all major IT governmental projects or legislation (for example biometric database) and represents Israel in several international forums such as the OECD, the International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference, the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), etc.

The International Relations Associate will take part in the international activity of ILITA, including handling OECD committees and working group’s responsibilities (i.e. analysis of documents, preparation of statements or comments, etc.), maintaining ILITA’s visibility and participation in the GPEN and maintaining contact with international partners. In addition, the intern will develop content and manage ILITA’s English website, Facebook page and twitter feed.

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Corporate Law Firm Internship

This law firm provides civil-commercial legal services, specializing in corporate and banking law, dispute resolution and international transactions and has special expertise in intellectual property. The firm’s clients include banks, corporations and insurance companies. The firm also represents corporations active in the fields of telecommunication, technology and science, industrial and international trade companies that have business relations with Israel.

Intern’s responsibilities include: document review, drafts of legal opinions, translation, assisting the lawyers in all daily routine duties, and visiting court hearings.

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