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Israel Way – Oranim Project

Israel Way – Oranim Project’s Tel Aviv Internship Experience program allows participants to spend five meaningful months gaining hands on experience while living in the “”big orange”", Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is Israel’s business hub and cultural capital. Oranim project will give interns the ability to soak up all the city has to offer. Internship coordinators will place participants in internships tailored to their career goals and academic backgrounds. Interns will receive hands on experience that will help build their resume and prepare them for their career ahead.

Participants will live in beautiful beachside accommodations in the heart of Tel Aviv, minutes from the hippest cafes and nightlife. Oranim project houses participants in the newest and nicest accommodations. Every room is equipped with cable TV, wireless internet and are cleaned each week by a cleaning service. To view accommodations, click here.

In addition to internships, participants will travel around Israel approximately one trip a month day, both day and overnight trips. Participants will also receive intensive Hebrew study, meaningful volunteering placements according to their interests and weekly Israel education seminars.

Israel Way- Oranim project’s Tel Aviv internship experience will provide participants a once in a life time experience. Participants will ignite their career. They will learn how to live and work in a foreign country and culture. Participants will leave the Tel Aviv internship experience with a stronger and more personal connection to the State of Israel. To hear what past participants have to say about the program, click here.

Israel Way – Oranim Project offers the most amount of opportunities to join our internship program each year. A total of 7 sessions happen throughout the year, beginning about every month and a half. This makes it very convenient for participants to come to Israel whenever the time is right for them.

Oranim project offers the most tailor made internship placement possible. After 5 years of running the internship program Israel Way Oranim Project has placed interns in almost any field imaginable. Strong connections have been made with companies all over Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas.

Our internship coordinator’s sole job is maintaining these relationships and continuously finding new and exciting placements for interns. Our internship coordinator works very closely with every intern to place them in the internship of their choice and will continuously stay in touch throughout the 5 months to ensure everything is running smoothly and interns are enjoying their placement.

Oranim project also coordinates networking events for interns to practice their networking skills and meet potential new employers. Some networking events are with Israeli companies and young entrepreneurs while other events are social networking with Israeli and other international students or young professionals. Israel Way – Oranim Project makes it a priority for participants to interact with Israelis their own age. We work very closely with the Tel Aviv municipally, the I.D.F and the student unions to arrange meaningful interaction with young Israelis and our participants.

After the best five months of their life, participants will leave Israel with skills and experience derived from career opportunities they would not have been able to receive anywhere else, except on the Tel Aviv Internship Experience program.

For more information on Israel Way – Oranim programs, please visit the Israel Way – Oranim website or contact their staff.