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Interested in the latest and greatest opportunities? Featured internships are the newest openings offered by some of Israel’s most exciting and innovative organizations. Whether you’re interested in starting your own company or saving the environment, we’ve got the internship that’s right for you.

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And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can also set you up with a customized internship based on your interest. Learn more about customized internships here.

As an intern at StarTau, you will be responsible for the creation of StarTau’s new English website, working with the graphic designers and web developers to create the page. Additionally, the you will be responsible for researching various entrepreneurial centers around the world to integrate them into StarTau’s network, putting together business plans, and assisting other staff members on various projects.

StarTau, Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center, was established in 2009 in order to serve Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs, specifically focusing on TAU students and alumni. StarTau is a non-profit organization that assists businesses and entrepreneurs from a variety of business fields.

While working for WAWA you will be given the opportunity to take building models that are drawn up by the architects and run lighting simulations that show how much natural light a building will get.  This information ultimately gets put into a climate report that is given to clients.   As an intern your responsibilities will include performing research assignments on green products and the various benefits of green building.

WAWA is an expert in green building, consulting and design. “Green Building” relates to a wide spectrum of the construction elements and the sites surroundings. “Green Design” requires integration, coordination and education of the project planners to realize green concepts and implement them throughout the project. Optimal sustainability is reached by combining effective green building with economical and profitable solutions.

BaKehila is looking for interns with a background in marketing, who are interested in working with graphic design, editing, social media and PR.  In addition, interns have the opportunity to take on a leadership role within BaKehila’s educational programs.

BaKehila, meaning “in the community,” runs educational programming in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Jerusalem with the goal of raising student academic achievement while promoting personal and social growth and participation.

As an intern with Guester you will be given the responsibility to manage the company’s social media campaign, research materials and strategy development that will result in the largest projection of company’s image. Working with Guester is a great opportunity to utilize and create contacts overseas to further develop this market. If you show promise as an intern there is potential for the position to lead to future employment with Guester!

Guester is revolutionizing the nightlife industry by introducing an entirely new approach and process to event management, which answers the needs and desires of all users. By utilizing cloud service technology and our event management application, it offers an elegant, simple and easy-to-use solution.  Guester’s cutting-edge software brings the nightlife industry into the 21st century by changing the way it works; connecting consumers and businesses to the same platform and enabling all interactions from invitations and payments to guest lists and loyalty programs in one place.

While interning at Senexx, your job will be to increase awareness about the company, as well as content development. During your time here you will gain valid experience writing blogs, updating social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) and research other organizations in the field.

Senexx offers a unique software with a newly developed Natural Language Processing engine that uses Big Data infrastructure to analyze existing company data sources. Our social business software, Solvepath, was designed to increase structure, productivity, and efficiency in the workplace.

The Gesher Theater in Tel Aviv is seeking an intern for four months to be a part of the technical division of the theater assisting in all aspects of production, focusing on costume and accessories design, creation, and maintenance. You will have the opportunity to travel throughout Israel with the company and learn about all aspects of theatrical productions. Applicants with Russian language proficiency preferred.

Gesher Theater is a Hebrew and Russian bilingual theater. It has staged over 60 productions, represented Israel in more than 17 international festivals, won numerous awards and was praised by The Times as “one of the greatest and most important troupes in the world.” It has won a place of prominence among Israeli theatres and a world-wide success.

While interning at Mesila you will be responsible for conducting intakes and providing referrals for clients from the migrant worker and asylum seeker communities in south Tel Aviv. You will also be given the opportunity to volunteer at one of the unrecognized pre-schools run through social services within the local community.  You may also have the opportunity to provide direct assistance to families with children with special needs to help them receive social service benefits.  Interns at Mesila must be able to read, write and speak in both Hebrew and English – volunteering positions are also available for those with limited Hebrew ability.

Founded in 1998, Mesila is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating poverty by raising public awareness about the importance of financial stability and independence among the refugee and migrant worker communities in south Tel Aviv.

As an intern at FTBpro you will be a part of a fun and passionate international team of people. You can either work on our marketing and social media platforms in your native language, work in business development, graphic design, PR, Q&A, and community management with your favorite football teams. All languages are needed, sports fans encouraged.

FTBpro is the largest fan generated media platform in global football, engaging millions of users across destination sites, mobile apps and social networks. We currently manage the fans in our communities across seven leagues. Our goal is to unite fans worldwide in the largest online football community where fans are given the ability to engage in discussions, read interactive news, write articles, and earn achievements and recognition.

NU campaign is looking for an intern with a background in graphic design and art. The intern will be exposed to the industry by participating and contributing to the company’s projects. This intern is given a lot of responsibility and experience in the field of marketing and will have the opportunity to be a part of an important and meaningful cause.

NU Campaign, located in Jerusalem, aims to create a global community of ambassadors for important charitable causes through unique designer t-shirts. On the inside of every NU t-shirt, a unique message about the cause is printed close to the wearers heart, so that you literally carry the story close to your heart and represent it to the world every time you wear the shirt.

The Business Development branch is responsible for strengthening the company through strategic partnerships, new initiatives, and product development. The intern will identify leads and prospects through the company database. Tasks include working with the Business Development Manager in order to determine appropriate strategies and approaches for acquiring new clients and establishing new partnerships that support pipeline generation.

IOTT’s goal is to close the gap between technology and users, by strengthening product knowledge and operational usage so it is operated at its full potential. By escorting and guiding organization participants in the implementation process, IOTT creates the proactive stance necessary for the successful integration of new technologies into their clients’ daily life.

As a fellow at Windows, you will help with fundraising, assist in putting together a series of informational lectures, and provide assistance in translating the newsletter into English. This is a great opportunity to help Israel with its struggles of coexistence.

Windows: Channels for Communication, is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization that strives for a future based on human rights, liberty, dignity, equality and democracy. They believe that because both nations have lived and developed in this land, both nations have the right to be here as equals.

Interns will be positioned in the company’s Intelligence Division, working alongside veteran risk consultants and intelligence analysts. Interns will gain valuable exposure to the inner workings of a private consulting firm, including: Gathering relevant information by utilizing multiple sources; Monitoring security-related events taking place in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; Providing research and analysis for in-depth reports; Authoring and submitting analysis articles for major media publications; Assisting in product development and marketing; Learning about the integration of on-ground operations and intelligence; Journalism: Sharing information, writing op eds, or providing commentary; Standout interns who excel and meet our qualifications may become eligible for future employment (No guarantees).

Max Security Solutions is a global leader in providing comprehensive, client-tailored risk-mitigation solutions. From executive protection and travel security, to facility consulting and intelligence, we strive to enable our client’s business continuity in the world’s most complex operating environments.

The Web Content Manager is responsible for the design, gathering of information, organization of content, and marketing of the site as it relates to the customer experience. Initiate efforts to increase site traffic through search engine optimization (SEO), web advertising and social media outlets. This includes working with the marketing team to develop strategies to drive new customer acquisition through keyword advertising in search engines, ad banner placement, and through third party alliances. The position involves strategic planning, development, execution and implementation related to all of a company’s websites’ content. This position will include on-the-job training and will require close work with the company’s management as well as onsite and outsourced technical teams. Also, the role might include 1-2 short trips to Europe!

theStudent revolutionizes the way candidates research high education institutions.

As an intern with WIZO you will receive exposure to international fundraising, conferences and seminars. This internship is comprised of multiple components including writing the content for the World WIZO quarterly e-newsletter; participating in the creation of new marketing materials for the WIZO campaign; assisting in planning the annual World WIZO four-day seminar and assisting with writing follow-up reports and profiles to receive grants.

WIZO is a volunteer organization dedicated to social welfare in all sectors of Israeli society, particularly the advancement of the status of women, as well as Jewish education in Israel and the Diaspora.

Amos Katz is looking for an intern with a background in accountancy and consultancy. The intern will be exposed to the public accounting field through participation in the company’s activities. This internship will provide extensive experience in the field.

Located in Jerusalem, Amos Katz  provides professional services to self-employed, employees, companies and non-profit organizations. These services include consulting, taxation, auditing, and accounting.

The fellowship at Hila is flexible and can be shaped by your strengths and interests, as well as the organization’s needs. Possible tasks include helping maintain and update the English website, working on the quarterly newsletter, translating documents from Hebrew to English, and assisting in the organization of staff events..

Hila is an Israeli NGO working in grassroots education reform. They advocate for student and parents’ rights in education. Their work involves fighting privatization of the school system and tracking; illegal parent fees; unfair placement in special education classes; and unsuitable resources, staff and/or facilities.

As an Activities Instructor, you will be responsible for teaching classes, running rehabilitation programs, encouraging activities with families, and providing an environment in which students can achieve and strengthen their abilities while providing them with skills to help with their integration into the community and society. Opportunities may also be available in fundraising and public relations.

Etgarim was founded in 1995 with the purpose of bringing outdoor athletic activities to people with special needs. Their goal is to promote outdoor activities and educational programs with special emphasis on socializing and communication.

As an intern you will take part in legal and/or economic comparative research that will be part of the Forum’s policy papers. You will be given the opportunity to attend meetings in the Knesset and expert conferences on major policy issues every few weeks.

The Kohelet Policy Forum is a non-partisan entity established by Professor Moshe Koppel, who now serves as the Forum’s Chairman, together with several leading Israeli academics, public intellectuals and activists. It relies on private donations and does not accept direct or indirec public funds from any government, domestic or foreign. The Forum’s legislative research, policy papers, and other researc- based products are offered to Israeli decision makers free of charge. The Forum maintains an open door policy and is always on the lookout for likeminded people who are working to strengthen Israel through ideas and innovation.

The Jerusalem Post is looking for someone who has extensive writing experience to join their team. The position includes writing news stories, press releases and Op-Eds as well as researching stories for other journalists and conducting interviews.

The Jerusalem Post is a leading English-language news publication in Israel covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world.

Who isn’t tired of ineffective professional profiles and expensive job ads? At 5Skills, you will get the opportunity to interact with, understand, and engage our current users into the product. In addition, you will help market our company using social media tools and gather the required information from the community to present to the product team. Above all, you will connect the right job seekers with the right jobs.

5Skills is an up and coming start-up chosen to be part of the start-up accelerator, IDC Elevator. 5Skills aims to revolutionize the online job market and we are looking for sharp minds to join the team! The site provides real-time job matching, effective job alerts and automatic job applications.

As a content Analyst, you will be a part of Wochit’s editorial staff. Tasks and responsibilities include copy-editing, media filtering, audio quality assurance and review of content relevancy. You will edit written copy for “broadcast,” select video/image assets based on relevancy to the text of the story, and review audio content for quality – both technical and artistic.

Wochit provides a constant supply of news video to online publishers by leveraging advanced technology and production expertise. Wochit’s customers include websites, mobile applications, news organizations, blogs and other publishing organizations.

If you are passionate, motivated, and looking to get your foot in the door in the field of software development and engineering, Google Israel has a spot for you on their software development team. As a Software Engineer, you have a penchant for solving complex and interesting problems. Google is much more than search, and the mission has much greater scope; to handle information at the scale of the web requires ideas from just about every area of computer science, including information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, user interface design, etc. You will work on many projects that carry varying responsibilities.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since the beginning, Google has focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether by designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, the company takes great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve users, rather than internal goals or the bottom line.

Become the creative assistant to leading photographers in a Tel Aviv studio. The hired intern will  be expected to assist the photographer in shoots as well as offer creative direction.

Studio Eyal Landesman was founded with the goal of combining a professional studio with an open space for creative artistic activity, which would serve as a platform for a multidisciplinary dialogue within the world of photography. The studio has hosted leading photographers from Israel and abroad and has served as a venue for conferences and master classes for professional photographers.

The position entails a plethora of different responsibilities including blogging industry and company breakthroughs, reading and reporting social media updates, running the company Twitter account, learning and formulating marketing strategies, conducting daily market research to understand emerging trends, media buying, writing copy, designing pictures, and optimizing ads.

Adotomi offers fully-managed advertising solutions on Facebook. The agency acquires the highest quality users, players and fans for some of the biggest names in the industry. Having worked with a diverse range of clients such as Nissan, SodaStream, EA, Ice Age, and OMD, the organization prides itself on building long-lasting relationships rooted in ROI positive campaigns.

As an intern with the New Herzl Museum you will be responsible for finding historical information as well as helping with the efforts to market the museum and position the center in the world’s leading tourist websites.

The New Herzl Museum is a unique educational center that offers a hands-on encounter with the Zionist Movement and its founder, Binyamin Ze’ev (Theodor) Herzl. The design of the museum is young and modern, and it describes Herzl as a person and a leader using contemporary language and spectacular audio-visual technology.

As a Community Development Intern at ASSAF, you  will have the opportunity to design your own internship based on your background and interests, as well as the needs of the organization. Opportunities may include helping to provide psychosocial support for individuals and families, initiating youth programs, and/or working alongside the advocacy and support center to improve the refugee community development program.

ASSAF is an Israeli non-profit organization that has recognized the need to establish an operational presence that would combine humanitarian and psychosocial responses to the relatively new influx of refugees from Africa. Since the formation of ASSAF in 2007, the center has become a dynamic support network for the refugee community.

The International Convention Center is looking for an intern to assist with all aspects of planning and executing events that take place at the facility. Events range in size and purpose, from family gatherings, to product launchesm to fashion fairs, as well as international conferences and art exhibitions.

The International Convention Center, commonly known as Binyenei Ha’Uma, is the largest convention center and concert hall in the Middle East.

If you are someone who loves books and is looking to enter the publishing industry, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field. While working for the Deborah Harris Agency, you will be in charge of collecting new books, entering them into the database, as well as packaging and sending them to their various distributors. Interns will also assist in coordinating contracts between publishers and creating pitches for books to the editor.

The Deborah Harris Agency is a Jerusalem-based literary agency representing the worldwide publishing rights of Israeli, Palestinian and other international authors to translate books to into Hebrew.

Want to get key analysis and market research experience? As a Zazma internet marketing intern you will gain experience in web marketing by creating content for forums, relevant sites and social platforms while working with the most agile business funding provider in the market.

Zazma is a simple, new way for businesses to finance all the items they need. With their base office in New York, the Zazma team is led by senior finance executives from the world’s leading financial institutions. Zazma offers credit to SMBs using proprietary algorithms to make credit decisions.

Fellows will conduct research on a range of issues, particularly regarding legal initiatives against Israel. The work will involve tracing developments in international law, the laws concerning armed conflict, and the fight against terrorism. The daily work includes research, drafting memoranda, and summaries of recent developments. We also hope to have the Fellow assist us in arranging an international conference.

The department of special international affairs has responsibility within the State Attorney’s Office for public international law and litigation. These responsibilities include matters involving international humanitarian law, and international criminal law.

Intern will assist in planning and organizing meetups and networking events for a local start-up community. This includes meetings “startup stars,” workshops, round tables, classes, and reaching out to top executives of Israeli hi-tech companies.

Jerusalem Startup Hub (JSH) is an innovative co-working space that assists startups in very beginning by providing a work space, mentoring, legal and financial consulting. JSH is a window to the Israeli startup market for foreign angel investors and private investment funds.

As Communications Associate, you will be responsible assisting with fundraising efforts, including grant writing and planning major fundraising events.  You will be integrated into the Center’s staff, while supporting their important work in education and prevention of sexual assault in Israel.

The Tel Aviv Rape Crisis Center’s mission is to encourage awareness of sexual abuse in our society and to support survivors to reclaim their lives.

While working for Autodesk Israel you will have the opportunity to lead one of our R&D projects! From the overall design to the actual development, you will gain experience in all stages with our professional team by your side to guide you throughout the process.

Autodesk Israel is one of the main R&D centers for mobile applications. Autodesk Israel develops mobile applications for architects, engineers, interior designers and more.

This internship will give you the opportunity to be a counselor in a different atmosphere, to work with teens concerning topics of agriculture and protection of nature. As an intern you will build your own classes through music, nature, arts etc.

The Ein Yael Living Museum in Jerusalem is an outdoor museum where visitors learn about ancient handicrafts. There are groups of teens who come for after school activities and it is known as an excellent educational center.

The intern will help manage the communication between bloggers and editorial writers; review content; publish op-eds and posts; help maintain high and consistent visual and layout quality; conduct photo research and more.

The Times of Israel is a growing news site that is quickly on the way to becoming the preeminent news, analysis, opinion and blogging source for the Jewish world. The TOI site engages its readership with a winning combination of first-rate journalistic content and innovative Web design integrated across social media platforms.

The Business Development Intern will help with strengthening the company through strategic partnerships, new initiatives, and product development. They will work with different teams to develop new products and negotiate business deals. The Intern will identify new leads and prospects through the company’s database. In addition they will have the opportunity to work with top management to develop strategies for acquiring new clients.

D&A Visual Insights is the leading provider of ecosystem intelligence solutions. They provide a broad ecosystem overview as well as closer, detailed views on each player within each clients business ecosystems that enable decision makers to take action. This company allows individuals to engage in a unique experience that combines international business, technology, interpersonal communication, and research.

As a Marketing and Business Development Coordinator you will conceive and instigate marketing campaigns, write marketing material, coordinate social media marketing efforts throughout numerous social networking channels, maintain company profiles and corresponding personalities, partake in business development activities, while also assisting with ongoing retention and marketing projects.

Rounds is an innovative new web-based start-up company located in the heart of Tel Aviv. It is a live meeting point where users can interact together by playing games, watching videos, e-learning, co-facebooking, and in the future even shopping together and having a completely co-browsing experience together online.

As an intern your responsibilities will vary from developing an emotional connection with the young people to guiding the children or youth in the style of a “big brother/sister”.  To qualify for this internship you will need a basic level of Hebrew.

Orr Shalom is Israel’s largest non-profit organization providing residential and therapeutic services to youth at risk who have been removed from their homes by the social welfare services due to severe abuse and/or neglect.

The finance/business analyst intern will assist the CEO in management of company’s finances.

CAR2GO is a car sharing service in Tel Aviv and Gush Dan. Members of the service can access a fleet of diversified vehicles. Cars be taken from a few hours to a few days, and customers only pay for what they use. Fuel, parking, insurance and all the hassle is on the company.

Work in a youth center providing support to kids at risk, helping with all activities at the center.

Kadima is run as part of the Lasova organization, which provides a number of different programs for populations at risk. The children come to the center because they have a low socioeconomic status, get a referral by a social worker, or their parents are not able to be present in the afternoon/evening. The after school program provides structure for these children, as well as educational activities.

As an intern for Meditrac you will help manage the company’s social media platform. This would entail marketing their products and services through various social media methods, including setting up social media groups, developing content for distribution across social media channels, and guerilla marketing.

Meditrac is a biotechnology company which specializes in spinal cord therapy technology. Their products help cure simple and complex spinal disorders while also helping to eliminate the need for hospitalization, drugs, and surgery. Meditrac products have been widely featured in research publications, including studies on treatment efficacy and the mechanism of action.

Gain experience in online advertising, social networks, creativity advertising over the internet, and advanced online marketing methods. You will be trained in CMS platforms like WordPress, Photoshop, HTML, SEO, as well as how to work with CRM.

Established in 2010 in Herzliya, 3Dsellers develops applications for improving online shopping experiences. The applications help sellers increase sales and are rated as the most popular apps on the store with over 50,0000 eBay sellers ranging in all sizes.

As an intern for Chaos Films you will be responsible for editing scripts and documentaries, as well as helping with public relations and media for the company. You also be given the opportunity to work one on one with the CEO and founder of Chaos Films.

Chaos Films is a boutique production company based in Tel Aviv. They create and produce various types of cross media content: feature films, documentaries, television and web series, music clips, commercials, television series, 3D stereoscopic productions and more. The team at Chaos excels at high quality content for both the Israeli and international markets.

While interning at the TEVA school you will create and produce lesson materials, teach and lead classes, and give extra support to students with differing levels of English. This experience will give you the opportunity to learn about the Israeli educational system and get a hands-on experience in the field of education.

Teva was established in 1986 with the vision of advancing social leadership, and promoting excellence and community involvement. The school is an institution of learning focusing on the environment and society. As an elementary school this is very unique environment.

If you are looking for a hands-on development experience in the gaming industry then this 4 month internship is for you. At Sick-kick you will have the opportunity to gain experience in several aspects of the development process including game testing, design, and marketing.

Side-kick is a start-up company that specializes in motion controlled games. Side-Kick offers complete games, working prototypes as well as production and development services for various platforms and needs.

While interning at Eden Gallery you will be responsible for a number of tasks including handling the art in the gallery, artwork inventory, working closely with the gallery curator; graphic design work for the gallery’s various marketing materials, photographing new incoming work as well as accounting and invoice work. This is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to some of the most prestigious artists in the modern art field.

Eden Gallery is located in Tel Aviv and specializes in publishing, distributing and marketing artwork, photography, and sculptures from leading Israeli and international artists.

There are endless possibilities when interning with the Ministry of Justice. The position will be specially designed for the individual based on their skill-set and educational background.

The Ministry of Justice was established in 1948 and comprises approximately 50 units. The main functions of the ministry include: organization of the Courts system in Israel, preparing the text of the Knesset draft legislation, providing legal advice to the Government and Government Ministries, and enforcing of the Criminal Law through the State Prosecutor’s Department

Tags: Law

A StickyTacs internship will enable you to develop, manage and solve technical aspects related to the global digital social media and internet market. Interns will gain developing experience on leading social networks such as Facebook API, Google SDK (including YouTube, Drive, Docs, Maps etc), Twitter API, Instagram API and more. StickyTacs specializes in PHP, MySql, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Cloud Hosting and Git. Responsibilities will include working together with the marketing and technical teams to plan and structure new ideas as well as with the StickyTacs technical team to develop new features.

StickyTacs is an innovative social application platform start-up that was developed in Israel by Social-ly Ltd. StickyTacs allows any brand to create a social app for mobile devices or desktops without prior knowledge in programming. StickTacs currently works with top brands and leading figures in Israel, Russia, UK, and more.

As an intern you will conduct web-based research on issues relating to trafficking and migration and conduct day-long visits to prisons and detention centers holding undocumented foreign nationals. As an intern you may also get involved in fundraising and writing content for marketing and PR materials, as well as reaching out to foreign media and other external sources.

Kav-La Oved is dedicated to promoting the rights of undocumented migrant workers and eliminating sex and labor trafficking in Israel. The organizations aims to build a more just, equitable, and democratic society by providing crisis intervention, legal action, and promoting grassroots educational and social change among academics, the media, and policymakers in Israel.

Work on the company’s website and blog, research competitors, analyze new markets, reach out to potential partners and clients in the US and Europe.

TrenDemon is a white-label SaaS platform that allows publishers to increase their reach and revenue by engaging social influencers in word of mouth (WOM) content distribution opportunities. Additionally, we enable brands and organizations to reach their target audiences and move them into action using ambassadors in social media.

The intern will assist on multiple PR accounts, following and documenting press coverage, conducting market research, and editing press releases.  The intern will attend conferences and high-profile media training events for Headline clients. The intern will handle our social media, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will be responsible for developing and expanding our social media strategy.

Headline Media is a premier international communications firm made up of frontline journalists and newscasters from CNN, ABC News, and other world news networks. Headline’s team of top-tier communications experts train Israeli diplomats, politicians and military figures for interviews, public appearances and presentations to international audiences.

As the Public Relations Coordinator, you will assist in writing and editing print media, newsletters, web content, and social media content. You will also be responsible for assisting with writing grants and researching new grant opportunities in the fields of religious pluralism and social justice. You may also be given the opportunity to meet with international and Israeli visitors and lead interactive study sessions and workshops on social justice and Jewish identity.

The BINA Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture strives to strengthen Israel as a just, democratic, pluralistic society, by emphasizing cultural and communal aspects of Judaism.  BINA is one of Israel’s leading organizations at the intersection of Jewish pluralism and social justice, offering non-Orthodox Israelis and Jews a viable, vital option for exploring and expressing their Jewish and Zionist identities.

The Government Press Office is looking for an intern who has a solid understanding of Israel’s history, political process, public diplomacy, and challenges faced in the media. The intern’s responsibilities will include assisting with the maintenance of the office’s foreign media survey relating to Israel and keeping the foreign press informed of upcoming events and conferences. Fellows will be encouraged to participate in media tours, conferences, and other events relating to the office’s activities.

The Government Press Office is assigned with the responsibility of coordinating channels of communication between the Israeli government and the press. The division issues press accreditation and is responsible for facilitating press coverage of key state functions and visits of foreign dignitaries.

As the Program Coordinator at SACH, you will be given the opportunity to work directly with children and parents seeking medical care in Israel.  In addition, you will work with the administrative staff in the areas of fund-raising and public relations.

Save a Child’s Heart is an Israeli-based international humanitarian project, whose mission is to improve the quality of pediatric care for children from developing countries. SACH achieves this work by bringing children with life-threatening heart diseases from the developing world to undergo heart surgery in Israel, while also training doctors from those countries to perform such surgeries.

If you have a background in graphic or web design, you will get the chance to create website templates that will later on be displayed in the Webzai template library. Interns will gain experience in online marketing by taking part in all online marketing activities including content writing, social media marketing, blogging, etc.

Webzai is a fully featured, online HTML5 website builder that created a breathtaking website in minial time with no coding knowledge needed. Users customise free, professionally designed templates or start from a blank page.

Kahena is looking for people with a background in marketing. The intern will be exposed to what goes into building a marketing strategy by participating in company discussions, meetings, idea sessions and more. The intern will receive full training in SEO-related tasks, involvement in Kahena’s social media campaigns and the opportunity to develop a personal marketing portfolio.

Kahena Digital Marketing is a young, innovative, full-service digital marketing agency. Kahena specializes in SEO, paid search marketing, web analytics, reputation management and social media. Located in the JVP Media Quarter, the hub of the Jerusalem hi-tech startup scene, Kahena prides itself on being an integral part of Jerusalem’s web community, and also has close partnerships with companies in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

Interns at JPost will focus on updating the website. This will include uploading news and feature articles, editing photos, videos and picture galleries, moderating user talkbacks, and collating analytics. Interns will also be encouraged to take on other projects including writing tasks, research and special sections on the site.

The Jerusalem Post is an online edition of Israel’s most-read English news source, covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world, 24/7.

At the Jaffa Institute, you will work under the Fundraising Coordinator to assist in grant-writing and communications with international foundations. You may also teach English in the Institute’s afterschool program, or assist in their shelter for at-risk youth.  The internship may be flexible based on your abilities and background, as well as on the current needs of the Institute.

The Jaffa Institute was established in 1982 as a private, non-profit, multi-service social agency to assist the Jaffa area’s severely disadvantaged children and their families. Our mission is to provide educational, recreational and social enrichment programs which enhance the self-esteem and academic performance of each child in our care, thereby enabling them to succeed academically and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty into which they were born. Through over 30 different initiatives our programs reach 4,000 citizens annually.

Interns will gain experience in English tutoring as well as participate in the Big Brother/Sister program. In addition, interns will assist with program coordination/public relations by helping the director set up, run, and promote the programs that the center undertakes. Daily tasks will include brainstorming, research, data entry, updating the social media sites, as well as other routine tasks.

This is an organization funded partially by the American Embassy and the Municipality of Tel Aviv Jaffa. American Corner AJCC runs a number of different programs, all with the aim of promoting American values, such as tolerance, co-existence, and democracy.

1) PR Research Assistant: Research journalists and editors, help build a database of industry contacts.

2) Copywriter: Manage press releases, blogs, and fundraising emails.

3) Marketing Analysis: Analyze database to track success of new and existing initiatives/campaigns.

University of the People is the world’s first tuition-free, online academic institution dedicated to the global advancement of higher education. UoPeople is a nonprofit venture which has worked in international education for over 20 years. Providing universal access to collegiate-level studies, despite geographic and financial constraints, UoPeople promotes world peace via the democratization of higher education.

The Account Manager is a central position in the management of the company’s client-portfolio. This position requires handling of client-service responsibilities and sales, as well as monitoring the performance, retention and technical aspects of campaign advertisements.

Ybrant Digital is in the business of online advertising. The company enables advertisers to deliver their messages to people in all forms of Digital Media: Display, Social, Mobile, Email and Search.

At English On Stage, interns have the chance to do a bit of everything. Since it is a small troupe, interns can gain experience in acting, stage production, writing, marketing, and set design. With workshops and performances all over Israel, interns will get a chance to travel during the week with the English On Stage troupe! 

English on Stage was founded as a traveling theater in 2005 with its first original English-language play, The Cuckoo Clock. The initial reactions were outstanding, and since then English On Stage has developed more productions as well as workshops and classes. Today, English On Stages also proudly collaborates with other theater professionals in order to provide our audiences with a variety of quality English-language theatrical productions in Israel.

Become a key player in ECI’s global market development, including live and digital event planning, writing, and execution. Gain experience in marketing automation, segmentation marketing and inbound tactics and technologies while working with a dynamic and passionate team!

ECI Telecom works to bring innovative network solutions, unified network management systems and a comprehensive suite of professional services. We address the opportunities created by the staggering demand for the bandwidth that’s needed to deliver rich media content over wireline and wireless infrastructure, and by the exponential growth in the number of mobile subscribers worldwide.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to become part of a global network team.  As an intern, your primary responsibilities will include assisting  with social media, organizing global events and summits, assisting in introductions between community members, and creating partnerships for the organization.

StarTau, Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center, was established in 2009 in order to serve Israel’s aspiring entrepreneurs, specifically focusing on TAU students and alumni. StarTau is a non-profit organization that assists businesses and entrepreneurs from a variety of business fields.

This exciting four month internship with Hatzalmania will give you the valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience running a gallery. You will be responsible for restoring, maintaining, and preparing objects in the gallery for storage, research, and exhibition. As an intern you will also have the opportunity to assist with customer support allowing you to gain experience in sales and marketing.

Hatzalmania is one of the oldest galleries in Israel dating back 75 years. The Gallery is best known for their historical photography collections, which document significant events and people during the founding times of Israel.

Join experienced scientists in the lab to produce proteins derived from recombinant mammalian cells.

SciGen Israel is a bio-pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets human health care biotechnology derived products. SciGen Israel manufactured all stages of 3rd generation Hepatitis B vaccine, including the production, purification, formulation, filling, QC testing packaging and marketing. SciGen Israel has created its own research and development center in order to focus on bacteria (E.coli) and mammalian cell (CHO cell) technology.

As an intern of the center, you will organize activities for lone soldiers, write newsletters with information regarding support services, fundraising, PR, and taking meals to soldiers on base.

The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center provides a variety of support services for lone soldiers (soldiers serving in the IDF whose parents do not live in Israel). The Lone Soldier Center, in Memory of Michael Levin, was founded in 2009 by a group of former lone soldiers aware and concerned of this growing need. The Center is the first and only organization solely dedicated to meeting all of the physical and social needs of lone soldiers.

Interns at Bmore will gain hands on experience in marketing and sales in a fun and creative environment. The projects that interns work on are dynamic, making the day-to-day work different and exciting. They will be given the opportunity to create marketing materials, edit documents and web pages, script sales pitches and complete sales calls outside of Israel.

Bmore was founded in 2006 with the goal of bringing the world closer together and building relationships by removing international boarders through trade. The goal is to make trade mutually beneficial and open doors that had not been possible in the past. Through the advancement of technologies they have been able to help many businesses grow.

Fellows at the Reut Institute will participate as team members in both ‘knowledge-development’ and ‘impact’ efforts. Primary responsibilities for ‘knowledge-development’ members include individual and team-based research in the field which the team is focused. While on the ‘impact’ team your efforts include individual engagement and presentations, partnerships on conferences, convening roundtables and seminars, and media and education campaigns.

Reut, based in Tel Aviv, is an innovative policy group designed to provide and influence real-time, long-term strategic decision-support to Israeli leaders and decision-makers. Reut supplies its services to people in positions of leadership, authority, and influence in Israel’s public sphere and in the Jewish world.

The Marketing & Research Internship is an exciting way for eager learners to discover and master the hidden marvels of the internet. Although we’re very serious about our website and its various projects, we maintain an easy-going and fun atmosphere at the office to make sure everyone is enjoying their work. Whiling interning with AllMyFaves you will be focusing on the company’s communication with external entities like Facebook and different forms of blogging. You will also be responsible for creating new content pages for the website and applying innovative tools for analyzing the site’s content quality and traffic.

AllMyFaves is a unique and innovative internet gateway, offering a logo-based web navigation and discovery portal. Its underlying concept is providing users with an easy, effective and intuitive service for accessing the top websites. The logo listing makes AllMyFaves ideal for current and future touch screen technology and mobile devices.

Are you interested in journalism and international news? While working for IBA you will gain hands-on experience in video/photography and will be given the opportunity to record the daily events.

The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) provides news programming in 14 foreign languages directed at audiences abroad or in Israel. The goal of these programs is to present a balanced and impartial picture of what happens in Israel and the surrounding region.

At ARDC, you will be able to design your own internship based on your background and interests, as well as the needs of the organization. There are a variety of different paths that you can chose from: teach classes in English or other subjects; serve as a social work case manager; assist in day-to-day operations of the women’s shelter; help as a research assistant for the Assylum Application Assistance project; and more.

The African Refugee Development Center (ARDC) was founded in 2004 by African refugees and Israeli citizens to assist, support and empower refugees and asylum seekers in Israel.

While interning at Scringo your main responsibility will be to run the marketing and communication of the company. This will include all social media platforms and the Scringo’s official blog.

Scringo offers a complete set of features, enhancements and tools to help mobile app developers get more out of their apps. Developers can instantly find & add engagement, community-driven, social & monetization features to their apps using a fully customized, swiped-in, sidebar.

As the Development Associate at The Peres Center for Peace, you will help with fundraising and building relationships with the foreign media, as well as working with social media. This is a great opportunity to learn about the issues of coexistence and to promote efforts for long lasting peace in Israel.

The Peres Center for Peace is Israel’s leading non-profit organization promoting peace-building between Israel and its Arab neighbors, particularly between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel.

Newshound will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience in the field of journalism. Depending on your interests, you will be able to design your internship yourself by choosing between several different options: working directly with the camera crew, going out on stories with reporters, news production, marketing/social media and the blog, editing, and transcribing.

Newshound is an Israeli daily newspaper, published in both English and Hebrew.

Gain experience in advertising, marketing, business development, web design, and graphic design.

MentAd.com is an internet startup that has built a Facebook advertising platform for e-commerce.

As a Social Work Intern at the Center for the Blind, you will be responsible for conducting regular home visits and facilitating  group workshops.  Additional opporunities may be available, such as conducting workshops and classes that are connected to your skills and interests.  Russian or Hebrew speakers with a degree in psychology or social work are preferred.

The Center for the Blind is a community and aid center for the blind and visually impaired in South Tel Aviv.

The intern will be responsible for contacting potential customers and providing information while aiming to close sales. The intern will also be contacting various bloggers, affiliates and others and will aim to create meaningful collaboration and help IL Couture grow. Finally, the intern will be trained and will be actively involved in all social activities of our brand. The company welcomes personal initiative and will encourage the intern to develop skills and experiment in any relevant direction he or she chooses to.

IL Couture was born out of a love and desire to promote Israeli fashion. Its founders, Netta and Yael, have always adored fashion, and they set a goal for the site to put Israeli fashion at the top level of global fashion. The website offers fashion lovers from all over the world the opportunity to get to know and shop fashion items created by Israel’s finest fashion designers.

As a Fellow you will split your time between the content and invitee committees. The Content Committee develops the overriding Conference theme, as well as determining the nature of the Conference’s various panels and plenary sessions and their speakers. The Invitees Committee works on creating a vast and diverse range of Conference participants from a spectrum of backgrounds. As a Fellow you will be assisting in researching potential speakers and themes for the event as well as being aware of who will be attending.

The Israeli Presidential Conference began four years ago following the election of Shimon Peres as President of the State of Israel. President Peres’s vision combined with his status as a world-renowned statesman inspired what has become the leading conference in Israel.

As a Social Media Intern at FTV you would be responsible for writing descriptions for current Fashion video clips, doing research for the Facebook Content Manager about new events and fashion shows, and compiling information about different celebrities, designers and models. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who loves fashion and is interested in pursuing a career in this industry.

FTV is the only International Fashion TV Channel dedicated to fashion shows, fashion models, and designers that broadcasts 24/7, with headquarters in Paris, Vienna, and London. Today, it is a multi-media platform that offers the a comprehensive review of the global fashion market.

The David Intercontinental is seeking an intern with exceptional customer service and communication skills. As an intern you will be responsible for all VIP guests and will learn how to manage a front desk of a major international hotel. Since the company is international it opens great opportunities for further employment in your home country.

The David Intercontinental is a 5 star hotel located on the beach of Tel Aviv in the trendy Neve Zedek district, opposite the city’s main market and near historic Old Jaffa. It is a part of a luxurious international hotel and resort chain which has locations all around the world.

Hewlett-Packard is looking to hire an intern with experience in business analysis methodologies and ERP. While working at Hewlett Packard you will gain experience documenting business processes and proposals, writing semantic web use cases, and defining modes of operation.

Hewlett-Packard Israel was founded in 1998 and is based in Ra’anana, Israel. The company offers hardware products, technologies, and services to consumers, businesses, and the government sector.

Citi is seeking a highly experienced and skilled Java software developer to contribute to the research & development of cutting-edge machine learning systems that interact with real world data in near real time. As an intern one of your responsibilities will include introducing new tools, frameworks and methodologies into the development process and environment.

Cit, the world’s leading financial enterprise, has recently launched its very own Technology Innovation Center here in Israel to capitalize on Israel’s vast technological talent to lead the financial industry into the future of technology.

As an intern at Adom, you will be responsible for assisting the chef in all relevant work at the restaurant, such as cooking and baking. If you are interested in pursuing a career in culinary arts, this is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of running a restaurant!

Adom is part of a growing empire of Jerusalem bistros. The restaurant specializes in wines and international cuisine, mixing local ingredients and flavors with a heavy continental influence, particularly French and Italian.

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The intern who fills the position of  ’Junior Film Editor’ will assist in the making of short films and promos, help with larger productions, gather b-roll footage, cut clips for marketing material and create bonus material for DVDs.

Founded in 2009, JerusalemOnlineU.com is breaking new ground in outreach by creating original feature films, engaging film classes and courses, and experiential and interactive learning, all distributed via the internet, social media, television, grassroots campaigns and partnerships with mainstream pro-Israel and outreach organizations.

As an intern for Jinni you will gain real experience in an innovative, successful start-up company that is changing the way the world watches television and movies. As an intern you will receive one-on-one training, and make meaningful contributions to the company in a variety of areas, including: social media marketing; public relations; blog editing, publishing, and promotion; as well as helping to design and launch movie and TV websites.

Jinni is a search engine for movies and television shows. Its goal is to give more complex descriptions of movies and products in order to target an individual’s unique taste. The search engine can be linked with one’s Netflix account to make individual recommendations.

This a very independent and self-driven internship with the potential for great growth and personal reward. While interning at Itach you will be responsible for developing the organization’s website by finding and uploading engaging content. Interns will need to research legislation and policies, both in Israel and globally, related to social change for woman’s rights.

Itach is a non-profit organization that aims to create social change by using the law to address the needs and rights of women from the social, economic and geographic periphery of Israel.

As a stage manager you will be responsible for attending production rehearsals, traveling with shows, and stage managing select productions.

The Nephesh Theatre was founded in 1978 as the only professional Jewish theatre operating in Canada at that time.  After staging over 30 theatrical and television productions in Canada, the company base was relocated to Israel.  The Nephesh Theatre productions reflects a plurality of beliefs, depicting different communities within Israeli society that must develop a common language and achieve mutual respect. The plays also mirror conflicts permeating Israeli society–between religious and secular, the immigrant and veteran Israeli, between Arab & Jew, emphasizing common bonds rather than dwelling on differences.

Be the voice of Wochit news! You will read, record and submit short news articles that will be featured on the web.

Wochit provides a constant supply of news videos to online publishers by leveraging advanced technology and production expertise. Wochit’s customers include websites, mobile applications, news organizations, blogs and other publishing organizations.

As an Organizational Development Associate, you will work alongside the Beit Dror staff to ensure smooth daily functioning of the shelter. You will also help with fundraising and public relations in order to help build partnerships with organizations outside of Israel.

Beit Dror is the first therapeutic emergency center for GLBT youth in Israel. “Dror” is a temporary shelter for adolescents, both male and female. Besides offering a safe home, a warm bed and meals, it also provides psychological and moral/social support, direction in finding long-term solutions, as well as enrichment and educational activities.

Looking for interns with knowledge on Jewish History and motivation to explore the past of the Jewish people. You’ll work to innovate and investigate different Jewish communities all over the world. Languages other than English will be helpful to build a personal project during the internship.

The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) were established in 1939. They hold the archives of hundreds of Jewish communities, as well as of local, national and international Jewish organizations and the private collections of many outstanding Jewish personalities. The Archives now hold the most extensive collection of documents, pinkassim (registers) and other records of Jewish history from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Do you have a degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or physics? Apply to intern with HP and gain world class high-tech experience in the field.  As an intern you will have the opportunity to 1) utilize existing simulations tools and develop models to represent the new products 2) develop empirical tests when possible to verify simulation results 3) work with the ink development team to test and understand the performance of new products in development.

Hewlett-Packard Israel Ltd. was founded in 1998 and operates as a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company. The company is based out of Raâ anana, Israel and provideshardware products, technologies, and services to consumers, businesses, and government sector.

Get involved in international marketing with a leading indie theater troupe in Israel that is currently looking to make its mark on the world with its new show- Tziporela Worldwide. Gain experience in different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. The intern will work closely with the head of PR/Marketing assisting, researching, and pitching to relevant venues and creating a buzz both on and off line.

Members of the award-winning indie theater group met twelve years ago at Israel’s top acting studio, Nissan Nativ, and went on to form the outrageous Tziporela. The group consists of nine young men and woman with a theatrical approach to the everyday life.

While interning at the Israel Museum you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, such as, information services, curating, guiding, social media, and event publication.

The Israel Museum, founded in 1965, is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel and is ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. The Museum houses encyclopedic collections, including works dating from prehistory to the present day.

Intern duties include conducting intakes and referrals at the clinic, making home visits for families with new babies, escorting women to appointments and helping clients with navigating the system and receiving appropriate services.  Interns are also needed to help with fundraising and grant writing.

Hagar and Miriam is a project that was set up for African asylum seeker and refugee women in Israel who are pregnant or who have recently given birth. The project allows these women to cope with their pregnancy and transition to motherhood in light of the difficulties of moving to a foreign country.

As a MoBY intern, you will get the chance to represent the museum to the international guests that come for productions, as well as assist in installing exhibitions. You will work on the inventory and evaluations of the museums work.  In addition, you will assist in ongoing marketing initiatives including developing the English website, strategies to bring more people to events, as well as further exposure for the museum.

MoBY is the museum of fine arts in Bat Yam, Israel. MoBY hosts a variety of collections and facilitates extensive community and art education programs. It’s location in a residential neighborhood drives the museum’s commitment for community programs, aiming to engage the general public with contemporary art.

As an intern you will be shadowing professionals in the medical field that work at the Rehabilitation Center. This will allow you to learn about managing health systems and operations. You will be assisting the staff with various tasks, such as restocking medical supplies, feeding the patients, and observing doctor’s visits.

The Rehabilitation Center specializes in neuropsychology, treating patients from the ages of 18-50 years old that have motor and/or cognitive problems following an accident. It puts a strong emphasis on helping these individuals re-establish their normal lives for themselves.

Gain experience in startup research, branding, marketing, programming and design.

PlayBucks is a free iPhone app that lets you earn real rewards while playing games with your friends. Users create a profile, bet points and start challenging your friends’ scores from partner games, and get rewarded with products like discounted movie tickets, premium online subscriptions and so on by redeeming the points.

As an intern your responsibilities will be to assist the staff in caring for the blind and seeing-impaired babies and toddlers.

Gan Eliya is considered a world leader in specialist programs that meet the needs of blind and visually-impaired children. Treatment includes hydrotherapy and therapeutic horseback riding.

As Communications Associate with the Daniel Centers, you will work with our tour and seminar center, which hosts visiting groups from around the world in Jaffa.  You will also gain important career experience as a member of our fundraising and public relations staff.

The Daniel Centers for Progressive Judaism is a reform community with three locations (Beit Daniel in north Tel Aviv, Mishkenot Ruth Daniel in Jaffa, and Kehilat Halev in the center of Tel Aviv) that provide all life-cycle services (weddings, b’nai mitzvot, etc.) and a myriad of community programming and education activities for both Israelis and Diaspora Jews. They have an established education department that provides Judaic instruction and curricula to Tel Aviv-Jaffa public schools reaching over 10,000 students and operates over 18 nursery schools, and run the largest non-Orthodox conversion school in Israel with 100 converts each year.

As a Project Development Intern at MDA your responsibilities will include event planning, PR, pitching to government representatives, speech writing, fundraising, and content writing for advertising and marketing materials.You will have the opportunity to work closely with decision makers and high-level staff and get to know a unique side of the medical world.

Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel’s national emergency medical and disaster ambulance and blood bank service. MDA staffs emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and emergency physicians.

As an intern, you will be responsible for performing market research and providing insight on new market entry. You’ll execute and analyze the success of marketing campaigns and advertisements. The Marketing Coordinator will also be responsible for online and social media marketing – updating our blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You’ll have the chance to work with the marketing manager to develop case studies, direct marketing templates, customer appreciation letters and interpret customer purchasing statistics.

Tzunami Inc. is a leading provider of Microsoft SharePoint Migration solutions. Tzunami Deployer, the company’s flagship migration tool, saves up to 90% of traditional migration time, lowering labor costs and providing quick access to more accurate content. Offering a user-friendly solution to real-world business challenges, Tzunami Deployer effortlessly transfers data from older Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM).

As an intern for JCPA you will gain hands-on experience and learn about the inner workings of international law. You will conduct research, assist with administrative duties, write footnotes for international law research papers, and assist with arranging speakers for special events.

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is a leading independent research institute specializing in public diplomacy and foreign policy

Interns will work with the sales team to support new business development plans. In addition they will assist with maintaining and updating spreadsheets and databases. The focus is to build and uphold client relationships with the hedge fund/investment management community at large. This internship with allow you to learn and understand the macroeconomic developments in Israel and follow global market trends.

IBI, based in Tel Aviv, is a leading investment house. IBI offers a broad range of investment management and trading services on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

While interning at Time Out Israel you will be responsible for copy editing; proofreading; fact checking; and researching potential stories. Interns will be given the opportunity to research, interview and write stories which may be published in the magazine. Interns at Time Out magazine will get a true grasp of what it means to work in journalism.

Time Out magazine is a weekly listing magazine for a particular city containing information about film, theatre, fashion, literature and food.

As an Administrative Intern at the Abraham Fund,  you will gain important experience in fundraising, public relations, social media and other administrative tasks.

Located in Jerusalem, The Abraham Fund is committed to advancing coexistence and equality between Jews and Arabs in Israel.  The Abraham Fund seeks a cohesive, secure and just Israeli society by promoting policies based on innovative social models, and by conducting large-scale social change initiatives, advocacy and public education.

The Begin Center is looking for an intern who will help us with the many different activities we will be organizing to mark 100 years since the birth of Menachem Begin. The job will include creating and managing our database of upcoming events and assisting local communities in their efforts to hold local events.

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center is the state-sponsored memorial project for one of the greatest leaders of the Jewish People in the 20th Century. Begin’s name is engraved in the memory of Israel as the Irgun Commander, Leader of the Opposition and as Israel’s Sixth Prime Minister.

Intern will have a unique opportunity to intern in a dynamic atmosphere, focusing on website development and tech set up for events.

PresenTense is a largely volunteer-run community of innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders, creators and educators, from around the world, who are investing their ideas and energy to revitalize the established Jewish community. PresenTense fosters the next generation of social entrepreneurs by helping innovators and entrepreneurs build new ideas into transformational ventures.

As a Fellow for the Ministry of Finance you will learn the inner workings of the world economy. You will have the opportunity to take part in the hedging program of the Israeli government and assist in maintaining relationships with international credit rating agencies. In addition the Fellow will serve as a liaison for the Ministry of Finance Representative Office in New York

The Global Debt Capital Market and Foreign Currency Transactions Department is responsible for executing issues abroad (selecting target markets, timing of issues and volumes; locating underwriters and preparing legal and marketing materials), and maintaining relationships with international credit rating agencies, and monitoring global markets and studying new markets

Lavi Capital Ltd. is an independent corporate finance advisory firm specializing in the infrastructure and utilities fields. Lavi Capital Ltd. is a subsidiary of the French investment bank “La Compagnie Financiere du Lion” in Tel Aviv, chaired by Mr. Yarom Ariav, former director general of the ministry of Finance of Israel.

The intern should have good understanding of the worldwide energy sector especially in the Israeli field, and should continuously look for ways to enhance reporting with forward-looking and insightful information. Interns should have at least a BA in Finance, good management skills, and be able to manage very high level contacts.

The Digital House is looking for someone who can help with the financial side of the business by helping process invoices for the applications that have shops, manage the company budgets, as well provide over all support to the financial director.

The Digital House is a start-up that designs, creates, markets and distributes smart apps for iPhone and Android. The company tests the success of the application in Israel before going on to launch it in the UK, Canada and the US.

Citi is seeking a Data Scientist to join the Data Intelligence Research Team.  The ideal candidate will have experience in solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches, a passion for data, enthusiasm to lead research projects and interest in the financial domain. As a data intelligence researcher you would have a unique opportunity to initiate and drive data-intelligence projects with high business impact and visibility within Citi organizations.

As part of the recently launched Technology Innovation Center in Israel, the Data Intelligence Lab plays a key strategic role in creating new business opportunities and better leveraging existing ones. The Data Intelligence Research Team works closely with the engineering teams on data related projects applying best practices in Data Science and providing academic support and expertise in related fields.

The Global Security Mortgage Group is seeking highly technically oriented developers who are passionate about coding. As an intern you will have the opportunity to be a part of a new team creating an innovative financial infrastructure for risk evaluation over the grid. Responsibilities will include writing code, design implementation, and writing applications for new financial systems. This is a great opportunity to Gain financial knowledge in bonds and assets backed securities

The world’s leading financial enterprise has recently launched its very own Technology Innovation Center here in Israel. The center has been established to capitalize on Israel’s vast technological talent to lead the financial industry into the future of technology.

While working for the Israel Tennis Center you will be responsible for translating news content from the Hebrew website and posting it on the English website, taking pictures during tournaments, presentations, ceremonies, events, uploading picture albums and articles on Facebook, and tweeting links of all our news to increase our followers.

The Israel Tennis Center (ITC) is a non-profit organization that has worked for 35 years to enhance the social, psychological, and physical development of Israeli youth through the medium of sport. They provide a healthy and structured environment for children from all walks of life, teach values of cooperation, self-reliance and persistence, and provide opportunities for every child to reach his or her own level of excellence.

Grow the database and connect with leading travel and fashion journalists around the world to cover TLVstyle stories. Manage and create strong content for the blog, website, Facebook, Twitter to expose the company to a growing community. Build a database of potential companies and organizations (ex Travel companies and Jewish Federations) around the world to be introduced to TLVstyle. The intern will be able to go on a few tours to get the feel of the company and to do social media along the way, p have the opportunity to work on logistics and development for new ideas of fashion events – the sky is the limit!

Founded by Galit Reismann, a veteran of the Israeli fashion industry, TLVstyle offers personalized fashion tours of the Tel Aviv fashion scene for individuals, groups, buyers and foreign journalists. Galit’s experience as a fashion agent, producer and curator introducing prominent Israeli designers to international markets combine with her personal stories of the people and places in Tel Aviv creates a unique combination for her tour.

AnyClip is looking for an intern with a strong interest in the field of marketing.

AnyClip makes movies searchable and discoverable by extracting and indexing metadata. The search engine of the company makes it possible for you to search for any specific moment in any film, so you can relive your favorite moments and share them.

While working for Oleh! Records you will be assisting in the goal to help Israeli bands gain more exposure outside of Israel. We have many connections within the music industry all over the world and can therefore be an invaluable asset to Israeli artists that would have never had access to such resources otherwise.

Oleh! Records is a non profit Israeli music export organization.

Tel Aviv’s HaCamari Theater is seeking an intern to assist the manager of the make-up department. Responsibilities will include creating, washing and setting wigs, preparing the make-up boxes for each actor, and attending dress rehearsals. If you interested in pursuing a career in hair and make-up this is a wonderful opportunity to gain hands on experience.

The HaCamari Theater is one of the main theaters located in Tel Aviv’s cultural center next to the Israeli Opera house and the Museum of Art. The theater stages up to ten new productions a year and has 34,000 subscribers and attracts some 900,000 spectators annually.

GreenPoint is looking for an intern to assist in recruitment and manage office administration. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in advertising, vetting candidates, as well as employee intake and data management.

GreenPoint Global specializes in providing value-added professional services to a range of F1000 and other companies worldwide. With headquarters in New York City and principal facilities in Israel and India, we have engaged diverse international resources and talent. Working in cross-functional teams, our professionals serve clients in a comprehensive manner to meet identified business goals.

As the international affairs coordinator you have the opportunity to gain hands on experience conducting research, writing press releases, and drafting annual reports and surveys. As a Fellow you would be assisting in enforcement and advocacy efforts of the IAA.

The Israel Antitrust Authority (IAA) is an independent government enforcement agency. The IAA has a mandate to prevent the creation of market power through the regulation of mergers and anti-cartel enforcement, to restrain abuse by dominant firms of their positions and to preserve competition in the various markets.

The manufacturers of Seacret products, infused with Israel’s famous Dead Sea minerals, is on the search for an ambitious intern interested in a range of fields from marketing and PR to product and graphic design.

Seacret is a leading global Dead Sea cosmetic company. The company has over 800 worldwide locations with products manufactured in Israel.

The intern hired here will work in the international department and have opportunities to interview the NATAL professionals. The intern will also be responsible for the social media and marketing for the center, including blog writing, Facebook/Twitter updates, and writing articles.

NATAL Trauma Center is a non-profit organization established to increase public awareness of national psychotrauma caused by the Israeli-Arab conflict. NATAL seeks to provide emotional and psychological treatment to any Israeli suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The center trains professionals and at-risk populations throughout Israel in prevention and coping mechanisms for PTSD.

The iEngage Junior Research Fellow will provide research, content, and technological support for the iEngage media and public relations staff. The Fellow will be welcomed as a key part of the team, and will be welcomed to help shape a conversation that already is having tremendous impact in the Jewish world.

The iEngage project is an innovative educational start-up that has taken the responsiblity to respond to the growing feelings of disenchantment and disinterest toward Israel among an ever-increasing number of Jews worldwide. They have done this by creating a new narrative regarding the significance of Israel for Jewish life.

The intern will be responsible for administrative tasks and research related to recruitment and general administration of the hostel. Tasks and responsibilities may change over time.

The Heritage House is a non-profit youth hostel that provides Jewish young adults with the opportunity to explore Israel and Judaism in a home-like environment of mutual respect.

As a Fellow at I.S.A., you will complete a substantial research project in the field of financial securities regulation and have the opportunity to present you findings to decision-makers within and outside the ISA. While this is the primary task, you may also be asked to assist other researchers within the economics department in their work, and attend conferences, seminars and meetings in finance and securities regulation.

The Israel Securities Authority was established in 1968 to protect the interests of the investing public. Among other things, the Authority fights securities fraud, use of inside information and secreting material information from investors.

Haaretz is looking for an intern to be a part of the team producing an English version of the paper. Your role will be to assist in research, revision, and content. There will also be opportunities for you to publish your own reports and articles. For those seeking a career in journalism, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain experience and get published.

Haaretz is the oldest, and one of the most widely read newspapers in Israel that is produced in both Hebrew and English.

ICT is looking for an intern to join the research team and take responsibility for gathering and analyzing data and information from various intelligence sources. As a member of this team, you will assist in evaluating data and recommending solutions and policies. As part of this unique team you be supporting the efforts to prevent terrorism.

ICT is an organization facilitating international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism. ICT also serves as a joint forum for international policymakers to share information through research and academic publications for worldwide distribution.

Interns will prepare transaction statements, match transactions with brokers and make sure the commissions and trades are consistent with the brokers’ executions. You will contribute to closing-out trading positions and checking for positions that can be “carried,” reviewing reports and staying up-to-date on current events. You may also get the possibility to trade and get your own trading desk, based on performance.

JB Commodities traded base and precious metals, and energy products such as brent, crude oil, gas and more.

As the Research Intern you will be responsible for identifying regulations and policies affecting U.S. Immigration Law today using databases and web searches. In addition you will research current laws and regulations on a per client basis. The Legal Writing intern’s responsibilities will include researching and writing articles for publication, and preparing thorough, well-written research reports on a series of issues, including (but not limited to): relocation matters, international regulations, etc.

Kan-Tor & Acco is a global relocation law firm comprised of three inter-related practice areas: Israel-bound relocation, U.S.-bound relocation & global relocation. The firm strives to contribute added value to the practice of immigration law through publications on a wide variety of international regulations and relocation matters. The attorneys have authored books on relocation-related issues, published in English, German and Hebrew, as well as a series of Client Guides on specific visa types.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is looking for someone to assist with maintaining the facilities and caring for the animals. Interns will have the opportunity to design their own schedule based on their experience and interests. Responsibilities may include, feeding, cleaning, minor exhibit design and construction, and training.

The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem, popularly known as the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, is located in the Malha neighborhood of Jerusalem. It is famous for its collection of wildlife featured in the Hebrew Bible, as well as its success in breeding endangered species.

Engageya is seeking interns with an understanding of the online media industry with a background in sales. In addition, interns should be creative, motivated individuals who are not afraid to take-on big challenges. Responsibilities will include submitting proposals, finding new leads, communicating with customers, and providing overall support.

Engageya is an exciting new technology start-up in the area of online advertising, offering a new, innovative content recommendation & advertising platform for publishers, bloggers and networks of all sizes.

As an intern at for Roy Chocolate will not only learn the practical skills needed for the industry, but also get the hands-on experience necessary when pursuing a future in culinary arts.

Roy Chocolate is a chocolate boutique that specializes in an assortment of chocolate treats such as handmade pralines, truffles, and cakes.

As an intern for Any.do you will be responsible for defining and executing cutting-edge marketing strategies for their products. You will have the opportunity to coordinate marketing and launch strategies across several countries, departments and functions. This position provides a wide range of marketing experiences including product marketing, research, thought leadership, PR and events planning.

Any.do is a mobile phone application designed to help users organize their schedule and make to do lists. It is a quickly growing start up that has many investors including Google.

This position is ideal for someone interested in gaining experience with the UN and seeking a career in international relations. As a Fellow with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you will be responsible for writing papers regarding specific UN organizations and specialized agencies, editing documents and speechwriting, assisting in preparing for visits from international delegations and attending meetings. There is a possibility for long-term projects based on demand and the initiative of the Fellow.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deals with the agencies and organs of the UN and their relations with the State of Israel. This includes: being in daily contact with our UN missions, recommending and implementing Israel’s policy in the international arena, and promoting a positive agenda in the UN and its specialized agencies.

While interning at Pythagoras Solar you will be a part of an innovative international firm responsible for top solar technologies used around the world. Your four months here will be spent with the operations department learning about logistics, manufacturing and procurement while assisting with the development of a turnkey purchasing system.

Pythagoras Solar is an international solar window company – an Israeli innovation that combines energy efficiency, power generation, and transparency in a window that can be easily integrated into conventional building design, and construction processes, to make net zero buildings a reality.

As the field producer you will be responsible for generating news and documentary reports for the company’s international customers. While working with Highlight Films you will gain experience in journalism, technical and creative aspects of the production industry and how to handle the stress of delivering professional work within the given deadlines.

Highlight Films is a company that specializes in the production of documentary films and corporate videos in Israel.

The American Jewish Committee is looking to hire an intern who is interested in planning events, writing press releases, networking, and helping with the day to day duties required to run a successful organization.

AJC has worked since 1906 to safeguard and strengthen Jews and Jewish life worldwide by promoting democratic and pluralistic societies that respect the dignity of all peoples.

This four month internship will allow you to gain hands on experience in a medical lab. While in the lab you will assist with research, offer support on special projects and be given the opportunity to run your own experiments.

Hadassah Medical Center is a organization that operates two university hospitals at Ein Kerem and Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, as well as schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacology affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Its declared mission is to extend a “hand to all, without regard for race, religion or ethnic origin.”

Interns will treat patients in all types of emergency situations and receive full intensive training in order to do so. Interns will become first responders on ambulances and mobile intensive care units, under the supervision of senior medics and paramedics.

Magen David Adom provides emergency medical and ambulance services throughout Israel.

As an intern you will learn the FOREX market, understanding what makes currencies move, how to trade currencies, trading strategies, and risk management. You’ll learn about the FXCM Trading Station, Meta Trader 4, and other trading platforms, and have the opportunity to speak with FXCM clients about FXCM products and services. You’ll respond to inquiries about trading platforms, the market, trading strategies and more, present daily market updates to the Sales and Financial Services teams in your office, attend and take meeting minutes for Sales/Financial Services meetings, conduct forum updates including adding, removing, and editing information on FXCM forums, perform competitor analysis and present findings to FXCM management and FXCM employees, and conduct secret shopper calls for both competitors and internal employees.

FXCM Inc. (NYSE: FXCM) is a global online provider of foreign exchange (FOREX) trading and related services to retail and institutional customers world-wide.

Interning for NewsHound Media is an opportunity to gain hands on experience working with multimedia tools. As an editorial intern at NewsHound Media you will be responsible for proof-reading breaking news and potentially write feature stories on topics related to your experiences in Israel.

NewsHound is an Israeli daily newspaper, published in both English and Hebrew.

365scores is looking for someone with good research abilities and a deep understanding for social media. The intern will work with the company’s CMO & CEO on marketing for the company’s products. Additionally the intern will plan and implement marketing strategies, increase social media integration, prepare and plan social media activities, and develop brand awareness for the company.

365scores is a dynamic start-up company that develops products to provide users with personalized sports information, such as scores, news, and videos in real time.

Wishi is looking for someone with prior experience in the fashion field as well as someone who is dedicated to the industry. As an intern you will have the opportunity to help build the company and take part in the first steps, bringing new ideas and building new ways of thinking.

Located in the JVP quarter, Jerusalem’s media center, Wishi: The Social Dressing Room, is an innovative company. The new startup has unique ideas concerning clothing sharing, tips for styling and creating a vibrant fashion community.

This internship is focused on promoting and developing programming for local events in the community of innovators. A decent level of Hebrew is needed.

PresenTense is a largely volunteer-run community of innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders, creators and educators, from around the world, who are investing their ideas and energy to revitalize the established Jewish community. PresenTense fosters the next generation of social entrepreneurs by helping innovators and entrepreneurs build new ideas into transformational ventures.

As part of the scientific think tank you will work on specific scientific issues which affect national policy. The ISEES supplies all the background of existing knowledge, global practices etc. As an intern you will be a key factor of this work, collecting relevant data in a report format with analysis for scientists and decision makers.

The ISEES supports the formulation of environmental public policy in Israel. Our key program is Mimshak (Interface) which is based on the AAAS’s Science & Technology Policy Fellowships Program. This year we built a new science communication program based on the USA COMPASS organization for science communication and targeting the marine arena. With Israel’s newly found oil and gas reservoirs in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, and unprecedented infrastructure activities in the region, we find it necessary to have strong and reliable science-based policy in place. We aim to facilitate interactions between and among scientists, policy makers and the media that will improve ocean policy in Israel. The newly established ISEES science communication center will involve scientists in science communication workshops, science workshops for reporters and scientific think tanks with governmental policy makers.

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