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Funding you could be eligible for:
$3,000 or more.

If you have at least one Jewish grandparent and are between 18 and 31 years old, you could be eligible for $3,000 of funding (or more) for five months. Funding can vary with your age, and the length and type of your program—but don’t worry, our staff is here to help you navigate funding options and any questions.

Explore our featured Environment / Clean-tech internships

Featured internships are the newest opportunities that our program providers have for you. But these latest offerings won't last long—apply today to one of these featured Environment / Clean-tech internships!

Design & Research Internship, WAWA - Provided by WUJS Israel  

While working for WAWA you will be given the opportunity to take building models that are drawn up by the architects and run lighting simulations that show how much natural light a building will get.  This information ultimately gets put into a climate report that is given to clients.   As an intern your responsibilities will include performing research assignments on green products and the various benefits of green building.

WAWA is an expert in green building, consulting and design. “Green Building” relates to a wide spectrum of the construction elements and the sites surroundings. “Green Design” requires integration, coordination and education of the project planners to realize green concepts and implement them throughout the project. Optimal sustainability is reached by combining effective green building with economical and profitable solutions.

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Business Development Internship, D&A Visual Insights - Provided by Israel Way – Oranim  

The Business Development Intern will help with strengthening the company through strategic partnerships, new initiatives, and product development. They will work with different teams to develop new products and negotiate business deals. The Intern will identify new leads and prospects through the company’s database. In addition they will have the opportunity to work with top management to develop strategies for acquiring new clients.

D&A Visual Insights is the leading provider of ecosystem intelligence solutions. They provide a broad ecosystem overview as well as closer, detailed views on each player within each clients business ecosystems that enable decision makers to take action. This company allows individuals to engage in a unique experience that combines international business, technology, interpersonal communication, and research.

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Environmental Education Intern, Ein Yael Living Museum - Provided by Real Life Israel  

This internship will give you the opportunity to be a counselor in a different atmosphere, to work with teens concerning topics of agriculture and protection of nature. As an intern you will build your own classes through music, nature, arts etc.

The Ein Yael Living Museum in Jerusalem is an outdoor museum where visitors learn about ancient handicrafts. There are groups of teens who come for after school activities and it is known as an excellent educational center.

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Operations Internship, Pythagoras Solar - Provided by WUJS Israel  

While interning at Pythagoras Solar you will be a part of an innovative international firm responsible for top solar technologies used around the world. Your four months here will be spent with the operations department learning about logistics, manufacturing and procurement while assisting with the development of a turnkey purchasing system.

Pythagoras Solar is an international solar window company – an Israeli innovation that combines energy efficiency, power generation, and transparency in a window that can be easily integrated into conventional building design, and construction processes, to make net zero buildings a reality.

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Or build your own customized internships

If you don't see your perfect internship in our featured offerings, we'll make it for you. We can build a customized internship based on your interests. Browse through examples of past Environment / Clean-tech internships we've customized, then start building your own!

Engineering Internship

A leader in the Israeli market in developing renewable energy projects that harness the power of the sun, this company’s projects are based on photovoltaic technology and built on rooftops and on ground locations. It is backed by SunEdiso, a world leader in solar renewabl, as well as Clal Industries and Bank Hapoalim

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English Teaching Internship

This elementary school is an institution of learning focusing on the environment and society; it is situated within a green botanical garden in South Tel-Aviv. The school was established in 1986 with the vision of advancing social leadership, and promoting excellence and community involvement.

Intern will be an English Teacher Assistant, creating and producing lesson materials, teaching and leading classes, and giving extra support to students with differing levels of English

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Environmental Consulting Internship

This agricultural project development and consultancy firm provides comprehensive agronomic, investment and business solutions, focusing on agriculture, aquaculture, water and renewable energy. The firm works with clients to create, plan, build and expand agricultural mega projects worldwide using advanced technology solutions and know how. The firm enables clients to make cost-effective, unbiased, best-practice business decisions that increases output, decreases input and utilizes resources efficiently and sustainably.
The Business Development Intern will receive firsthand experience in the world of developing new agricultural initiative, from the initial planning to project execution and everything in between. Interns will assist in researching projects; analyzing data; preparing presentations and reports; proofreading and editing reports. Research projects will include market analysis of major cutting edge international agricultural companies.

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Green Architecture Internship

Green architecture company is looking for a green building consultant to perform research, assist in planning structures and buildings that will have the best use of natural resources (natural light, height differences etc) and minimal effect on the environment.

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Religious and Environmental Research Internship

This startup organization works to bring together religious leaders of Islam, Judaism and Christianity on the issue of global sustainability. The intern will act as a researcher and general assistant. Intern’s main responsibilities include: organizing and taking part in conferences with different religious leaders, researching religious sources on environmental issues, assisting with social media and marketing campaigns, and performing website development and updates.

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Urban Planning Research Internship

This transportation department is looking for an intern to assist with urban planning research. Interns will be responsible for literature review, field research, interviews, and creating position papers.

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Urban Planning Internship

This major environmental organization is looking for an intern to be an Assistant Urban Planner. The intern’s main responsibilities include: working with the organization’s urban planner on researching and preparing position papers for the government and for the city of Jerusalem and participating in municipal meetings about urban planning. A high level of Hebrew is required for this internship.

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Environment and Clean Tech Internship

This major environmental organization is looking for an intern to be a Community Coordinator and lead the community in creating a community garden and educational activities with the community

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Environmental Marketing Internship

This company engages and educates the Jewish community through inspiring programs linking Israel, the environment, and Jewish values. Since its founding, the company has reached a growing list of institutions in Israel and the United States.

As Assistant to the Executive Director, the intern will perform a variety of responsibilities: sales & marketing to potential clients; research on Jewish sources, environmental studies, and donor and foundation information; website development and updating; seminar design, planning, and assessment.

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Geology Research and Analysis Internship

This government institute, founded in 1949, operates under the Earth Science Research Administration within the Ministry of National Infrastructures and is involved in earth science research and development in the broadest senses, adapting itself to the changing needs of a small and dynamic country. The objectives of the institute are: to document, study and conduct research in all aspects of the country’s geology, to act as an advisory body to all government branches and major public and private enterprises, to maintain a national and regional earth sciences data base, and to maintain an analytical infrastructure.

Interns will work as a Researcher and Analyst, working out in the field collecting material; analyzing material; making and writing up conclusions. The intern has intern has opportunities to travel around Israel learning about the geology of the land.

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Ministry of Environmental Protection

The Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) is charged with responsibility for cooperation with both international organizations and representatives of states as part of Israel’s global environmental involvement and with an eye to the promotion of Israel’s domestic environmental agenda.
The work of the International Relations Division is varied as will be the work of the Intern in the role of International Affairs Assistant.

The intern may be called on to prepare for Israel’s participation at international meetings, reading materials, preparing for inter-ministerial discussions and drafting position papers. The Ministry of Environmental Protection is the focal point for bilateral relations with the European Union in the area of environmental protection. The intern will identify areas in which the division could benefit from EU-sponsored project assistance, draft the relevant documents and manage the application process vis-a-vis the EU, organize the meetings and seminars, and follow up on the outcomes.

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Jewish Environmental Organization Internship

This organization engages and educates the Jewish community through inspiring seminars on Jewish environmental wisdom. Through teachings for Israeli teachers, North American day and Hebrew school teachers, Birthright groups, Federation and synagogue delegations, and others, this organization reveals the inherent connection between Judaism and the environment.

The intern will work closely with the Executive Director and the Deputy Director in implementing the organization’s vision. He/she will be involved in a diverse range of tasks and responsibilities, including sales and marketing to potential clients; research on Jewish sources, environmental studies, and donor and foundation information; website development and updating; and seminar design, planning, and assessment.

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Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Internship

This is an Israeli environmental NGO founded in 1999 with the goal of protecting the seas and rivers of Israel through conservation, activism, research, awareness-raising and education. For the past nine years the organization has initiated local and national campaigns that target unchallenged municipalities, corporations and the national government on their negligence and destruction of Israel’s most precious resource, water.

Interns will work with environmental innovators and get real life experience in the field of environmental activism, policy, communication, education and fundraising.
Responsibilities of this water preservation internship include: planning event logistics and participation in beach cleanup events, supporting educational programming for North American youth groups traveling in Israel, updating blog, website, and social media pages with current news and information, performing research for various environmental campaigns, participating in campaign promotional activities at universities and other events throughout Israel, researching grants and assisting in resource development, and assisting with daily office administrative duties.

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Mechanical/Chemical Engineering Internship

This is an engineering company in the renewable energy field, dedicated to the design, construction and development of Thermo Solar Power Plants.

Intern will work as a Mechanical/Chemical Engineer for the Alternative Energy company with responsibilities in mechanical design, participation in basic engineering design, and planning and building a Solar Power Plant.

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