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How to Apply

Ready to apply? Here’s how it’s going to work.

1. Explore the possibilities of interning in Israel

  • See what we offer. Before you apply, we encourage you to check out the kinds of internships we offer. Featured internships are current openings that have recently been posted by some of Israel’s most exciting companies. You can also customize the perfect internship just for you. Check out some of the past internships we’ve offered – search by interest arealocation, or provider!
  • Learn about our financial aid. Get an idea of how much funding you’ll be eligible for by choosing an interest area on our quick form here.
  • Watch our videos to see what our alumni (and their mentors) have said about their experiences in Israel.
  • Learn the specifics of what Masa Israel provides as a part of your internship, and what you’ll be responsible for.

2. Apply!

Applying online is the first step in our (typically two to four weeks) process.

  • What to know before you apply to a featured internship: If you have your eye on a featured internship, you can apply directly to that position, and we’ll pass along your application to the internship provider. Make sure you have an updated resume available to include with your application.
  • What to know before you apply for a custom internship: You can request that we customize an internship based on your interests with this form. Before you fill out the application form make sure you have all the information you need to complete it. You’ll need to be able to upload a resume, indicate the types of internships you’re interested in, and choose the top three providers you’re interested in learning about.
  • What’s a provider? Masa Israel places candidates in internships through five different providers who run our internships in Israel. Each provider offers unique options – different locations, program costs, types of housing, start dates and extracurricular activities – so be sure to review our comparison chart to see which three providers look best to you!
  • After you complete the form for a customized internship, talk to your top three providers. In the days after you’ve completed the online form, each of these three providers will be in touch with you via email or phone to tell you more about their specific offerings. Your job will be to listen to what they have to say, ask any questions you might have. (Not sure what to ask? We can help! Here are some useful questions to start with.)
  • Decide on your provider for your customized internship, then finish your application with them. Once you decide which of the three providers you’d like to proceed with, inform all three of your decision. Then let your favorite provider know you’ve chosen them and finish their application form! If you’ve chosen a featured internship, then the provider will be in touch with next steps!
  • Choose your internship. After finishing the application process each provider will start sending you specific internship possibilities, tailored for your interests and needs. From these options, choose the one you’d like to do.

3. Get ready to go!

  • Finalize funding. Once you’ve chosen your internship, whether it’s featured or customized, visit our website to start your grant application and explore whether any additional scholarships are available. If you need help, reach out to Masa Israel’s team of Israel Experience Coordinators via live chat—we’re here to help!
  • Pin down logistical details. After your funding has been secured, your provider will be in touch to let you know what paperwork is necessary to arrange for your visa, insurance, and housing details.
  • Book your flight! When the dates and details of your program have been secured, start booking your travel to Israel—it’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime!
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  • Learn about our Providers

    When you decide to apply, Masa Israel will match you with one of our five program providers in Israel. Each provider offers unique tracks and benefits, but all of them ensure that you’ll have plenty of support throughout your stay. Learn more about them here.